Design for Sustainable Manufacture
This was a college project. The main aim of this project was to be aware of manufacturing the process and materials of a product. Thus understanding their environmental impact. The project was to be completed and designed using 3D modelling software to get us to learn and practice these key skills. We were tasked with digitally creating a new conscious household appliance. I choose to redesign a kitchen weighing scales.
Sketching and Model Making
Simple ideation through sketching, all using the spring as the mechanical basis.
Creating sketch models using wire. This process was done to inform my CAD modelling, and also to understand the materials I would be using.
ZAHA Scales is an analog scales that is created entirely from Copper coated steel and only consists of 4 parts. The concept scale can weigh up to 500 grams of product, and is safe for kitchen use. The concept is sustainable as it only uses one material which can be very widely and successfully recycled.
Scales Compressed
Scales Compressed
Scales Neutral
Scales Neutral
This project was a good challenge for me, as CAD modelling was something I was very unfamiliar with. This project opened me up to this aspect of design, and rendering which is an area I will continue to develop through my studies.

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