For the duration of the winter semester of 2019/20 I spent an semester in the Concept-Object-Meaning (K.O.V) studio in UMPRUM Praha, Czech Republic.
 The studio was a very open one, focusing on materials and objects,with specific interest in Art Jewellery particularly in relation to the body. I choose to study in the K.O.V studio as I wanted to expand my knowledge of design and try my hand at a different discipline of study. I also wanted to learn more about metal as a material and the different ways it can be manipulated.
While I was there I created a collection of jewellery that was inspired by a mistranslation of our project theme- Objects in Relation to the Body.
I decided to focus on the sense of touch. Particularly on its importance in human nature for forming relationships  and expressing affection. Using the parts of the body that are sensitive to touch for inspiration such as the hands and lips. I also wanted to expand on the traditional forms of jewellery. I started to think of the areas of the body  that aren’t typically ornamented, and decided to try and create for them. I wanted to create playful objects that were both humorous and beautiful. To inspire a different reaction through my use of wearable objects.
I thought the idea of jewellery for the bottom of your shoes could be interesting as it is a subtle, but amusing way to decorate the body.
This piece was a take on the saying ‘To kiss the ground someone walks upon’ which means to hold someone in high regard, as you would someone you love, or someone you have a relationship with. The jewellery acts as a stamp so when you walk on soft ground such as sand or snow, the wearer would leave behind a trail of kisses.

There are two pieces that are both made from rubber, copper and steel.
Hands in my opinion are one of humans most heavily used means of connection. They are what make us human, allowing us to do the things that other species can’t. In such, hands are the instruments we use to interact with the world, and each other.
Human connections or relationships are often visibly represented through our use of hands. Whether that be a parent holding their child’s hand, friends dancing or couples strolling through the city. They are a means of expression, how we show love and affection for one another.
I wanted to create a beautiful object that represented the importance of hands and arms as a social tool. The missing link is a chain that is to be worn by two people. It is worn around the elbows where people would typically link arms, creating a connection, through the means of many small connections. Making the wearer the next link in the chain. It could be worn between strangers, creating a physical bond without actual physical contact. Shaping a space for conversation and connections to be created.
The Missing Link is made from copper plated polymer clay.
‘Felt Up’ is a critical comment on public affection. Yes hands are used to show affection, but sometimes they are used to show affection that the public doesn’t want to see. For example when couples walk around with their hands in each others back pockets. I thought it would be funny to create a hand that people can wear in their own back pocket. This object is intended to be playful. I decided to make jewellery for the hand, in essence making jewellery for the jewellery.
The object is made from felt, copper and white brass.

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