Freedom Exhibition in Czech Centre 2019
I created several objects using mixed materials which included fabric, flour, balloons etc. They were part of a series called Spraoi, which means fun or play in Irish. I also created a small booklet with a collection of my thoughts on freedom. 
The objects were meant to encourage play. The forms are defined, but the purpose is not. The objects are free to be what you want. You can wear them, squeeze them, bend them, throw them. Play with them.
I choose them as a representation of freedom as I think freedom and flow are linked through play. These are things we frequently experience as children, however they are often lost as we grow into adults. The enjoyment of allowing yourself to purely enjoy an object or toy is a representation of freedom. I think as adults it is important to be reminded of this and encouraged to play in order to allow the brain space and to free time for rest and instinctive play in people's busy schedules. 
The Exhibition
Process & Tests
Arrangements on the body
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